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Guitarist Invents Random Breakdown Generator


random djent breakdown generatorGalactic Pegasus guitarist Andrew Baena has “wowed” the internet with his viral videos many times over the course of the past two years or so… but this time, he may have gone too far. See, Baena has created a computer program which will randomly generate djent breakdowns for you:

On the one hand, I love how this drolly proves Justin Foley’s Triple A Riff paradigm, and I’m sure this thing is fun to play with for ten minutes, the same way the Metal Breakdown Composer app was fun to play with for ten minutes (although with that app, you had slightly more control over the finished product).

On the other hand… does anyone else feel like this thing could end up being the Skynet of metal? We already have computer programs that can make even the shittiest of musicians sound like Keith Merrow… and now we have a computer program that take over at least part of a band’s songwriting process. So you now no longer need to know how to play your instrument or how to compose a breakdown, which is probably the single easiest thing to compose in the history of music, not least of all because ninety out of a hundred breakdowns sound exactly alike (and I say that as someone who enjoys a good breakdown). So we’re rapidly approaching a point where a band doesn’t need a band. As soon as someone creates a computer program which can write lyrics, scream, and say dumb shit in interviews, bands won’t need vocalists anymore, either.

Maybe I’m overreacting. Then again, a depressing percentage of the most popular bands in metal are already duping their fans via tech such as this, so maybe I’m not.

[via Lambgoat]

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