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Here’s What Pantera Would Sound Like Tuned Down on a 9-String Guitar

  • Axl Rosenberg

Having already demonstrated the joys of tuning Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage way down, YouTube supah-stah! Andrew Baena has now turned his attention to Pantera.

Gears Gods explains (and accurately assesses):

“Baena usually accomplishes these videos with a guitar that has 7+ stings, a popular metal band, and drops the tuning to bowel churning lows. This week, he put Pantera to the test and dropped their riffs to stomach growling D1 on his super unnecessary 9-string guitar. Which makes some songs sound a hair away from just being farts with a drum track.”

More like sharts with a drum track if you ask me, but the point stands. It’s a true testament to the power of Dime’s riffs that they sound as good as they do even with it sounds like they’re being played through a puddle of muck.


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