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This 9-String Metal Song Actually Uses all 9 Strings


Rob Scallon 9-String GuitarSince 9-string guitars are making people very stangry these days, Internet Guitar Guy Rob Scallon — who covered Slayer’s “Angel of Death” on the banjo and Cannibal Corpse’s “Frantic Disembowelment” on the ukulele, wrote a metal song entirely in binary code and played metal in inappropriate places — has decided to have a little fun with a 9-string himself.

One of the most frequent arguments (outside of “get off my law, kids!”) lofted at 9-string players is that they don’t utilize all the strings. So Scallon’s written an original piece that takes advantage of the guitar’s full range, and he’s put together a video of himself playing it in all its 9-stringed glory.

Color me impressed. But mostly I feel bad that the guy had to spend solid money on a 9-string guitar just to make this video — the Schecter he’s playing retails for $1k!

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