Rob Scallon Plays Metal on a 14-string Theorbo


Not being an active member of the YouTube community and new to the MetalSucks team, today was my first time hearing about Rob Scallon. After binge-watching several of his videos I can attest to his own unique brand of badass-ery, which, sure, isn’t for everyone. But if nothing else, we have to admit what must be admitted: the man has skill, talent, and loads of creativity.

This time, my man Rob plays metal on a damn theorbo, an instrument created in the 17th century that looks like a guitar for people with extraordinarily long arms, which I’m sure would’ve made Bach himself a metalhead. “Fuck the piano. It’s all about the theorbo.” The end result of Rob’s attempt at creating 17th century djent is a beautiful one. All I’m questioning now is this: why don’t more metal artists incorporate this instrument into their music? And please tell me he’s created videos using a hurdy gurdy, because contrary to popular belief, the internet still has room for more metal covers utilizing unique instruments.

You can stream Scallon making that theorbo his bitch below.

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