Ex-Decapitated Drummer Krimh Just Released a New Album; Stream it Here!


Krimh - KrimheraI felt kinda guilty inserting “Ex-Decapitated” into that headline, since 1) Krimh was releasing awesome shit on his own before he was in Decapitated, 2) It’s a bit click-bait-y, and 3) It’s been a while since he’s been in Decapitated anyway. But I look at it this way: if the presence of the word “Decapitated” in the headline gets more eyeballs on the content of this post (which inevitably it will) then everyone wins, because Krimh’s solo material is most excellent and he certainly deserves the attention.

SO: Krimh, the one-man-band who for a stint played drums in Decapitated, released his brand new album Krimhera last night while we all slept. Dude is prolific: his previous album Explore (stream here) was released only a little more than a year ago.

Stream Krimhera below or purchase via Bandcamp. Your immediate reaction might be to draw sonic comparisons to Decapitated, and you’re certainly not wrong to do so — there’s a reason they chose this guy — but I find Krimh’s music to be way more nuanced, dynamic and diverse, so stick with it. Pretty amazing how well he’s able to play all these instruments. He’s kind of like a death metal version of Cloudkicker in more ways than one.

I’m listening to Krimhera right now for the first time along with y’all, and so far I’m mightily impressed. What do you think?

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