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Stream ex-Decapitated Drummer Krimh’s New Solo Album Explore Right Now!


Krimh - Explore

We were fans of multi-instrumentalist Kerim “Krimh” Lechner before he came the drummer in Decapitated; dude is insanely talented (there’s a reason Decapitated chose this guy over other talented drummers worldwide). It certainly stands to reason that Krimh has continued making music even though he’s no longer a member of Decapitated, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if it ends up being fantastic.

I’m three tracks into Krimh’s new solo album Explore, and yep, it’s fucking great. Krimh picks up where he left off a few years back with proggy, atmospheric arrangements that aren’t short on musical hooks, but his trips around the world with Decapitated seem to have expanded his palette and brought new influences into the fold as well. Explore is so much more than your typical one-man-instrumental bedroom project, and don’t be fooled by the fact that the guy played drums in his biggest starring role; the guitar work is excellent too. I know this is high praise, but honestly, I’m getting a serious Cloudkicker vibe here, albeit a shade heavier.

Stream Explore below via Bandcamp, where you can buy it for just €7 (about $9.50):

[via, where else? Heavy Blog]

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