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If Deathcore Sounded Happy!


Steve Terreberry / Happy DeathcoreSteve Terreberry’s entertaining videos that take the piss out of metal have garnered him quite a lot of attention of late, landing him a sweet deal with Artery Recordings, the first time I can recall any label in the metal space signing a YouTube star. Check out his djent cover of the Mario Bros. theme song for a taste of what got him signed. The guy might be a bit of ham, but there’s no doubt he’s super-talented.

Stevie T., as he’s now going by, just released a new video called “If Deathcore Sounded Happy!” (Exclamation point his). It’s exactly what it sounds like — Mr. T. plays a minute of an original deathcore song, then transposes it into a major key for maximum happy-time vibes. Not sure why he felt the need for the overly explanatory introduction (we know what deathcore is, dude!) but it’s a fun experiment in metal and an entertaining vid. Check it:

[via Lambgoat]

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