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Buy Your MetalSucks Hoodie Now Before it Gets REALLY Cold!


MetalSucks Hoodie


You think this 40-degree weather sucks? Hrumph — just wait until it gets REALLY cold and your knees are quivering every time you step outside. It’s not even officially winter yet according to the calendar, fer chrissakes!

Don’t be caught out in the cold — protect yourself against the coming winter’s frigid weather with this stylish Members Only™ MetalSucks Hoodie, available now in all sizes! Not only will you feel bundled up with maximum protection against the elements but you’ll look pretty swell too, and you’ll be able to brag to your friends that no one is more deserving of the title IMN than you, a true honor indeed.

Buy yours here! Also check out our nifty t-shirt designs starting at just $10.

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