Grab The New METALSUCKS Ltd. Edition T-shirt in Support of Women’s Equality


Hey there. We have fun here right? We got the jokes and biting commentary on the metal music you love or love to hate, after all. But you know what’s not funny or something that should be taken lightly? Equality.

We’ve always had a view that metal is for everybody — and we hope you feel the same way. This Friday is Women’s Equality Day and to celebrate, we’re teaming up with Gimme Radio to release a limited edition t-shirt that not only shows your support for women’s rights, but also sticks it to the man.

That’s right; 100% of the proceeds generated from each sale will go directly to Planned Parenthood with the help of Gimme Radio and The Orchard’s kindness. With each shirt sold, $15 will go to the the country’s leading reproductive healthcare nonprofit organization.

All of this is in response to the unnecessary acts taken by the Supreme Court earlier this year, as they ended the protections provided by Roe v. Wade. We feel this isn’t just a women’s rights issue, but a gross overstep that impacts men and non-binary individuals as well.

Before you angrily type “WOKE GARBAGE” in the comment section, consider this. Since June 24, women in nearly half of the country have very tangibly lost their rights. Nearly half of the country’s state legislatures have either enacted or begun the process of enacting anti-abortion legislation. Once passed, women are left wondering how they can get access to abortions and other potentially life-saving procedures without getting potentially thrown in jail.

So head on over to our new Web Store and show the women in your life some appreciation in support of Women’s Equality everywhere. But remember — buying a shirt that shows your support isn’t enough. Get out there and do something to help build a more equal society for all.

Grab The New METALSUCKS Ltd. Edition T-shirt in Support of Women’s Equality
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