A Sh*tstain on the Ass of the Universe, #31: Deja Vu

  • Axl Rosenberg

deja vu band picAttila front thing Chris Fronzak guests on “Life Advice,” a new track from New Jersey’s Deja Vu. And although you may have assumed that Fronzak lent his name to the song because he’s friends with Deja Vu and/or thinks they’re a legitimately good band, I have a different theory: I think he agreed to lend his name to this song because Deja Vu are SO FUCKING AWFUL that he knew they’d make him look like John fucking Lennon by comparison. This band sounds like Attila if Attila didn’t have hooks, which is basically the one thing that shitty band has going for them. So, basically, if Attila is the aural equivalent of explosive diarrhea, Deja Vu is like explosive diarrhea with wood spliters in it. Have fun picking those out of your asshole, asshole.

[via Stuff You Will Hate]

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