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Watch “Slash” in a Commercial for PNC Bank

  • Axl Rosenberg

joseph d reitman as slashHow ingrained has Slash become in pop culture? PNC Bank is now using a lookalike of the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist in a commercial for the “Virtual Wallet” service. The fact that the actor doesn’t really look all that much like Slash is beside the point — the mere concept of Slash can be conveyed via curly hair and a top hat.

Funnier still is the fact that PNC would even want some association with the heroin addict who wrote “Welcome to the Jungle.” But the generation that grew up watching the “November Rain” video play on MTV twice every hour is grown up and watching bank commercials with interest, and, thus, must be pandered to. The times, they are a-changin’.

Fun fact: the actor playing Slash is Joseph D. Reitman, who I recognize because he used to be married to Shannon Elizabeth, and I was always like “Who is that schmuck and why does he get to be married to Shannon Elizabeth?”joseph d reitmanjoseph d reitman and shannon elizabeth


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