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Lord Dying Have “An Open Sore”


Lord Dying - Poisoned AltarsThe first single from Lord Dying’s new album, Poisoned Altars, was called “A Wound Outside of Time;” the second, newly-released single is called “An Open Sore.” Starting to notice a theme here? I have little doubt that the band’s next singles will be called “Picking at a Scab on My Arm” and “It’s Rude to Stare at My Lesions,” followed by a video for the sure-to-be-a-smash hit, “Hemorrhoids.”

I’m kidding, of course. There are no other references to wounds, sore, scabs, lesions, or anything of that nature in the song titles on Poisoned Altars. There is, however, a song called “Suckling at the Teat of a Shebeast,” so that’s pretty rad.

Stream “An Open Sore” below, courtesy of Revolver. It features guest vocals by Aaron Beam from Red Fang! Poisoned Altars comes out January 27 on Relapse.

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