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Former Megadeth Members Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover Making New Music Together


broderick and drover quit megadethIt took a little longer than you mighta thunk it would, but guitarist Chris Broderick has now given his first interview since both he and drummer Shawn Drover announced their departures from Megadeth last month. The chat, which occurred as part of SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s 666Live, generally seems to have found Broderick being too political to be interesting (he said “It was simply time” to leave the band, at no point referred to Dave Mustaine as “a dictatorial lunatic,” etc.). But he did share some news about his new project… which just so happens to be a collaboration with Drover. Says Broderick:

“Through talking with Shawn Drover, we talked about all this [Megadeth] material that will never get released, so we decided why don’t we put this stuff out. Why don’t we form a band and put this stuff out? So we formed a band, we have a killer singer. We have some record labels on the table so we’re really excited [to see] where it’s going to go.”

Broderick continued:

“Some of the riffs were presented but some of them felt inappropriate for Megadeth. I have a tendency to write really complex stuff, so I have to watch it when I submit stuff.”

It’s entirely possible I’m reading too much into this, but it seems to be that there’s some subtext to asserting that this band will play riffs Megadeth (that is, Mustaine) deemed “inappropriate” because they’re “really complex” — and that subtext is, “Yeah, we know Super Collider sucked, it wasn’t our fault, and now we’re going to prove it wasn’t our fault.” This echoes the subtext of Broderick’s statement when he quit the band and cited “artistic and musical differences” as the cause of the split.

So this resulting band and album could end up being pretty interesting. While we wait for some more news on that project, we can begin to speculate on the identity of the “killer singer,” who Broderick declined to name. My first thought was that it’s some other shunned former employee of a legendary thrash band, like Rob Dukes or Dan Nelson, but that’s speculation based on nothing. Any theories of your own you’d like to share?

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