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All Shall Perish to Release New Album This Year

  • Axl Rosenberg

Last we heard, All Shall Perish didn’t seem to be in such great shape: vocalist Eddie Hermida departed to join Suicide Silence, guitarist Ben Orum left to be a daddy, other guitarist Francesco Artusato seemed pretty busy with Devil You Know, and drummer Adam Pierce was on the verge of joining Emmure (which it would now seem he has — Emmure’s FB page lists him as a member). That meant that unless Artusato and Pierce’s schedules could be coordinated, bassist Mike Tiner was gonna be the sole remaining member of All Shall Perish. So, yeah, it seemed like All Shall Perish were about to perish.

But lo! What’s this? Reader Brook F. directed us to the below image from Carcass’ Facebook page:

nb 2015 rosterIf I’m not mistaken,  we already knew that all of these bands were getting ready to release new albums in 2015… save for All Shall Perish. So, is this a mistake? Wishful thinking on someone’s part?

Nope! A rep for Nuclear Blast assures us that a new ASP album is indeed currently scheduled for a 2015 release. The band is expected to reveal the identity of their new singer “soon;” meanwhile, Pierce and Artusato are still listed as members on All Shall Perish’s own Facebook page, so it looks as though they were, indeed, able to work it out so that those dudes could pull double-duty with their other bands.

(It’s worth remembering that ASP claim they were never opposed to Hermida joining Suicide Silence — they were opposed to the Suicide Silence camps demands that ASP ostensibly go on hiatus until Hermida’s first tour cycle with SS was complete. In other words, this wasn’t a Hetfield/Newsted monogamy situation.)

This all strikes me as good news. I wish Orum were still somehow involved — he wrote a lot of my favorite ASP riffs — but I’m willing to give the band’s remaining members the benefit of the doubt and listen to their new release with open ears and a open heart. I mean, my heart is made of coal, but it will be open nonetheless.

More details as they become available.

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