Trivium Bassist Paolo Gregoletto Shares His Ten Favorite Nu-Metal Songs


paolo gregoletto disturbedThis seems worth sharing, on account of the fact that we all love arguing about how shitty or not-so-shitty nu-metal is/was: Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto has shared his list of the top ten nu-metal tracks written between 1994 and 2004 with All Axess.

And it’s actually pretty interesting! Some of these tracks are arguably not nu-metal all (Fear Factory, Stabbing Westward). Some beloved bands that are generally considered nu-metal are totally absent from the list (System of a Down, Deftones). Some of them represent the very small percentage of nu-metal that wasn’t total drek (Sevendust, Mudvayne). There’s also a Disturbed song.

But, surely, the most controversial part of the list will be the honorable mention of Slayer’s “Stain of Mind.” I’m sure that won’t tick Slayer worshippers off.

Check out the entire list here, then come back and argue about in our comments section.


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