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Turnstile’s New Album: The Ugly Kid Joe / Helmet / Quicksand Revival You Never Knew You Needed


TurnstileI first heard about Turnstile from — who else — Sergeant D, who is always completely on top of the latest trends in metal, especially those that come out of the hardcore scene. Initially I was shocked that kids wearing flannels and high tops whilst aping Quicksand, Helmet, Fudge Tunnel and Ugly Kid Joe could become a cool thing again, but when I stepped back and thought about it, it completely made sense: OF COURSE it could! It’s one of the last parts of the ’90s hardcore and metal canon that hasn’t been mined for nostalgia yet, and the two-decade cycle of cool is in full effect.

Not that I’m complaining… not one bit; Turnstile rip! I first heard their song “Drip” in December and I was instantly hooked, and now that their full new album Nonstop Feeling is streaming at Noisey I’m fully on board. That gigantic, gated snare drum! The pseudo-rap, vaguely Perry Farrell-esque vocals! Those stop-start guitar riffs! I can just picture the timed jumps live… perfect. Supposedly their live gigs around the East Coast have become quite the spectacle lately, so I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re literally all over the map (they’re certainly well on their way with the amount of press this release has generated).

Nonstop Feeling is out next week on Reaper Records. Stream it below and order it here.

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