Cinemetal Round-Up: 36 Crazyfists, Hate, and Oath

  • Axl Rosenberg

fireplace-by-krazy79I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Matt Pike puts into deciding what shirt to wear before every performance.

We begin today with “Also Am I,” the new 36 Crazyfists video which premiered yesterday on Metal Injection. There’s so little going on in this video that it’s basically impossible to make any kind of comment about it, so I’ll just say that I would LOVE to go stand next to that fire right now. It’s fucking freezing out!

We continue with Hate’s video for “Valley of Darkness,” which premiered on The Deciblog. There’s slightly more going on here than in the 36 Crazyfists video, but not much. They also have a nice, warm fire next to which I’d like to stand, though. Also: Jesus! YAY!

And we conclude today with Oath’s new video for “Sorrow Society.” This clip has way more stuff going on than the other two do, but, alas, not warm fire next to which to stand. There is, however, a young woman who looks like she might give you the clap, so that’ll burn, at least.

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