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I Commend Napalm Death’s “Condemn”


Napalm Death - Apex Predator - Easy MeatFun fact: the first time I heard Napalm Death’s “How the Years Condemn,” I hadn’t looked at the album’s track list and didn’t know what the song was called, and I thought front dude Barney Greenway was screaming “HAVE THE EARS GONE DEAF?!?!” Which, in a weird way, made sense in the scheme of Napalm Death’s political leanings.

Shitty segue: the song rules, regardless of what Greenway is or is not screaming. The elastic riff absolutely demands that I bounce around in my chair; I haven’t experimented with listening to it while standing up yet, but I’m guessing the resulting effect will rhyme with “posh mit.” This is one of the Napalm Death songs that is just violence in musical form. Gotta love it.

Check out “How the Years Condemn” below! Apex Predator – East Meat comes out January 27 on Century Media.

[via The PRP]

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