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Mini-Doc on Protest the Hero Spotlights the Hardships of Life on the Road


Protest the Hero
Being on tour and away from home six to eight months out of the year is tough, but it’s an unfortunate necessity in today’s music industry. No one knows this better than Protest the Hero, who’ve been a band for nearly 15 years and a functioning touring entity for a decade now.

Think about that for a second. Forget the obvious, like not sleeping in your own bed, missing your girlfriend, or waking up in a different city every day. Being a successful musician in 2015 means almost completely forgoing normal relationships, not just with lovers, but friends and family — it’s incredibly hard to maintain those connections when you’re hardly ever able to see those people in person and spend real time with them. And Protest the Hero have been doing it for ten fucking years!

FreqsTV [via Blabbermouth] just launched their “Ghost of the Road” video series, and the latest edition spotlights Protest the Hero. Guitarist Tim Millar narrates over footage of the band arriving at, loading into and setting up at a venue, and discusses some of the challenges of being in a band that is constantly on the road. Of course it’s not all doom and gloom: being in a band can be super-rewarding, and Millar talks about that too. Watch:

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