Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Playing Late Jackass Star Ryan Dunn in New Bam Margera-Directed Movie

  • Axl Rosenberg

hinds and dunnMastodon’s resident thespian, Brent Hinds, has landed his first speaking role in a major motion picture: according to the below, extremely drunken video interview, Bam Margera has cast (and apparently already filmed!) the guitarist as his late Jackass co-star, Ryan Dunn, in a new movie called I Needed Time to Stay Useless.

Hinds is perfect casting: like Dunn, he’s a creepy ginger with a big beard, and like Dunn, he been hurt as the result of doing some incredibly stupid shit while drunk (luckily, unlike Dunn, Hinds survived his injuries).

We don’t know anything else about the film at this point — it doesn’t even have an IMDB listing yet! — but it seems safe to assume, even at this early juncture, that Hinds will eventually be nominated for, and probably win, a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. (Brent hinds be EGOTing like a motherfucker!) Hopefully, he’ll make a contribution to the movie’s soundtrack as well. Maybe Mastodon can cover Margera’s “Bend My Dick to My Ass”? I mean, who wouldn’t wanna hear that?!?!

[via Metal Injection]


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