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Sh*t That Comes Out Today (And Last Tuesday): January 6-13, 2015

  • David Lee Rothmund


Hi MetalSucks reader! Welcome to 2015’s first Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of the rest of this year’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and everybody wins. And if we missed any legit new shit, we beg you to email us! Thanks! Now crank it up!


Dormant Heart (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Revocation, Allegaeon, All Shall Perish
Listen Dormant Heart full stream (here)
Release date: January 13

Dormant Heart has been heavily anticipated for some time now, especially by riff-lovin’ pitmonsters. 2012’s Monolith — which built layers on the simply epic Edge Of The Earth from two years prior — has straight-up and innovative guitar work, classic song structures, and melodies on melodies on melodies. Dormant Heart is a mark of progression for Sylosis, but one not big enough to match their past albums.


Palisades Mind GamesPalisades
Mind Games (Rise)
On a playlist with: a Listerine colon cleansing
Listen Mind Games full stream (here)
Release date: January 13

New year, new garbage to pollute it. Mind Games will not play games with your mind, it’ll play games with your patience. Did I miss the memo from Sergeant D. about the state of this scene metal? Are bands actually trying to emulate Periphery, thinking it’ll get them a foot in the door with actual metal fans? Or is it all for show? At least we’ll have plenty to write about.


Nailgun MassacreNailgun Massacre
Boned, Boxed And Buried (Xtreem)
On a playlist with: Fumes Of Decay, Undead Creep, Burn The Priest
Listen “Where’s The Head” (here)
Release date: January 13

Would-be fans might search hopelessly for tongue-in-cheek pretensions in Nailgun Massacre. This album is about evil, awful, depraved shit. And while that description non-sarcastically fits the vocals, there’s no discounting the powerhouse effects of nasty guitar work and Neanderthal drumming. Oh, and do you detect a slightest hint of pre-LOG Burn The Priest?


Desolate ShrineDesolate Shrine
The Heart Of The Netherworld (Dark Descent)
On a playlist with: Deathspell Omega, Nightbringer, Ulcerate
Listen “Black Fires Of God” (here)
Release date: January 13

2015 could be the year of black metal or the year of death metal. Or, why not both?! Desolate Shine can deliver that, via drawn-out black metal choruses and the sharp aggression of their pound-and-pummel cousins. So everybody wins!


Levels EP (Nefarious Industries)
On a playlist with: East Of The Wall, Thomas Giles, The Human Abstract
Listen MetalSucks Full EP Stream (here)
Release date: January 13

East Of The Wall is a rare band that can hang with Between The Buried And Me and The Human Abstract. We love ’em. So we’re ready to treasure this EOTW side project Opul. The Levels EP is pretty indie, but even the toughest crowd can appreciate the touch of Deftones, gentle abstractions, and rocky vibes. If not, maybe you need to soften the fuck up!


Einherjer Av-Oss-For-OssEinherjer
Av Oss, For Oss (Indie)
On a playlist with: Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, Månegarm
Listen Av Oss, For Oss full stream (here)
Release date: January 13

Put your fuckin’ viking helmets on for Ein-hur-jurr’s An Ass, For Ass Einherjer’s Av Oss, For Oss. Then again, this Norwegian band for foregoes viking tropes for something a bit more … dare I say it, American. There’s a bit of NWOBHM in the guitar work, but Oss‘s edge and clip is stars-‘n’-stripes as fuck. And it makes you raise your lighters in the air.



January 6

Chaos Violent Redemption (2013) (Transcending Obscurity) listen
Cry Excess Ambition Is The Shit (Luxor) listen
Sata Kaskelottia Sata Kaskelottia (Inverse) listen
The Crown Death Is Not DeadA Skylit Drive Rise: Ascension acoustic (Tragic Hero) listen
Weight Of The Tide Epilogue (Undergroove) listen
Witchrist Vritra MLP (Iron Bonehead) listen

January 13

» 6:33 Deadly Scenes (Kaotoxin) listen

Benediction Grind Bastard reissue (Metal Mind) listen
GhoulgothaBenediction Killing Music reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Benediction Organised Chaos reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Benediction Subconscious Terror / The Grand Leveller reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Benediction Transcend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Candlemass Candlemass reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Candlemass Lucifer Rising reissue (Metal Mind) listen
hateful abandonClawfinger Life Will Kill You reissue (Metal Mind) listen
Convent Guilt Guns For Hire (Shadow Kingdom) listen
» The Crown Death Is Not Dead (Century Media) listen listen
Doomraiser Reverse (Passaggio Inverso) (BloodRock) listen
Exlibris Aftereal (Metal Mind) listen
The German Panzer Send Them All To Hell (Nuclear Blast) listen
» Ghoulgotha The Deathmass Cloak (Dark Descent) listen
Turnstile Nonstop Feeling» Hateful Abandon Liars/Bastards (Candlelight) listen listen
Infernal Manes Infernal Manes reissue (Edged Circle) listen
Karma To Burn Arch Stanton (FABA) listen
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life Soulless Hymns (Density) listen
Manilla Road Out Of The Abyss reissue (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Pain Of Salvation Falling Home (Inside Out) listen
Shredhead Death Is Righteous (Mighty) listen
Volahn Aq'ab'alSynodik A Matter Of Perception (Imminence) listen
» Turnstile Nonstop Feeling (Reaper) listen listen listen listen
» Volahn Aq’ab’al (Iron Bonehead/The Ajna Offensive) listen
Witchrider Unmountable Stairs (Fuzzorama) listen


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