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You Can Be Xibalba’s “Enemigo”


Xibalba - Tierra Y Libertad

Well, Xibalba have finally done something uncool: the video for their new song, “Enemigo,” is not very good. We’ve seen directors with no budget manage to make dudes performing in front of a hanging sheet look pretty decent, but, alas, such is not the case here.

The silver lining is: insofar as uncool things go, the video for “Enemigo” is still pretty cool, because, in typical Xibalba fashion, the song fucking WRECKS. You can practically feel the mosh pit swelling around you when listening to this thing. A tornado of fists is imminent!!!

Check out “Enemigo” below, courtesy of Revolver. Xibalba’s new album, Tierra Y Libertad, comes out January 27 on Southern Lord.

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