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Motor Sister, Featuring Members of Anthrax, The Cult, and Armored Saint: U Jam?

  • Axl Rosenberg

Motor Sister Band PhotoI dunno where the hell the dude finds the time, but workaholic Scott Ian went and started ANOTHER band when nobody was looking. They’re called Motor Sister — named after the song “Little Motor Sister” by vocalist/guitarist Jim Wilson’s other band, Mother Superior — and in addition to Ian and Wilson, they count bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning), drummer John Tempesta (currently in The Cult, formerly in like eighteen billion other bands including Exodus, Testament, Helmet, and White Zombie) and vocalist Pearl Aday (a.k.a. Mrs. Scott Ian, a.k.a. Meatloaf’s daughter) among their ranks.

They apparently managed to keep the project under wraps because their first an only gig (to date at least) was performed at Ian and Aday’s home to celebrate Ian’s fiftieth birthday, and they recorded their entire debut album, Ride, over the course of just two days (!) with producer Jay Ruston (who also fiddled the knobs for Anthrax’s Worship Music). Granted, they didn’t have to write any new tunes — Ride consists entirely of Mother Superior covers — but still! Making an album in just two days is stupid impressive. I’ve been in the studio with bands that couldn’t record a single fucking song in that time.

SO! I haven’t yet heard Ride in its entirety, but the band has now released their debut single, “This Song Reminds Me of You,” and it’s awesome. Which isn’t entirely shocking, since the original track, from Mother Superior’s 2005 album, Moanin’, is awesome. But still! Who’ll ever complain about there being too much awesomeness in the world?

Check out “This Song Reminds Me of You” below. Ride drops March 10 on Metal Blade.

Oh, and here’s the original, in case you’ve never heard it before or just need a refresher or whatever:

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