Turnstile are the “Kingpins” of Early ’90s Retro


TurnstileIn case you had any doubt that early ’90s funk metal like Ugly Kid Joe, Leeway and Fudge Tunnel is now back in vogue — and the existence / hype around Turnstile wasn’t enough to convince you — Sergeant D, who is always right about these things, alerted us the other day to a band called Spitback that’s very much in the same vein. It’s happening, people!! See also: renewed interest in Faith No More. It’s kinda weird that young hardcore kids who weren’t around the first time this stuff was popular are the ones at the forefront of its revival, but whatever, I guess that’s how these resuscitated trends always work. Also, who cares: we loved this stuff the first time around and we love it now!

Case in point, the aforementioned Turnstile, whose new album Nonstop Feeling is my favorite album released so far in 2015. They’ve got a new video for the song “Kingpin,” which premiered at Stuff You Will Hate last week while I was busy contracting NAMMthrax, and it’s a complete no-fucks-given recreation of early ’90s retro vibes. It was shot on VHS (or made to look like it was shot on VHS in post), the dudes are wearing sports jerseys, the lighting and camera angles are a dead-ringer for the time period… etc. It’s almost a little TOO sincere in its attempt to be retro, but we’ll let it slide ’cause we’re having too much fun and so are they. Watch:

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