Slayer’s Tom Araya Disowns Facebook Fan Group

  • Axl Rosenberg

So there’s this Slayer fan group on Facebook called the Fucking Slayer Gang, or FSG. I dunno what differentiates them from any other Slayer fan group on Facebook or the rest of the internet, other than that they like to take photos of themselves using a “S” gang sign that’s even dumber than most real gang signs:fsg 4fsg 3 fsg 1And Tom Araya, being the sweetest man to ever sing about Auschwitz, did FSG a solid and snapped a photo making their dumb gang sign:tom araya fsgBut now Araya is mad at FSG because they did… something. Classic Rock says the Slayer frontbruh says in a statement:

“They made up a sign and approached my wife Sandra under the guise of a family asking for support.

“After a few months my wife didn’t like how this group was managing their page. The conduct this group was showing is distasteful, rude and disrespectful to all Slayer and metal fans.”

The frontmant says the FSG have “taken liberties” with the picture and adds: “My wife later told me it was not a good idea to associate with this group, that they were cyberbullies, and that they would attack anyone who questioned their motives – they have even gone as far as attacking my wife publicly on Slayer fan pages.”

Araya continues: “I’m here to say we do not support this gang or such behaviour. The metal community is a growing community of loyal fans. Not only to the bands they support, but to each other.”

For their part, the FSG claims to be innocent of these accusations, as evidenced by this extremely well-written post on their page:

What I’m not clear on is what FSG did originally to irk Araya. Although if I had to guess, I’d say it has something to do with this crime against humanity, which makes me feel better about every bad decision I’ve ever made while drunk:

slayer haircutIt must really suck to be THAT devoted to Slayer and then have Tom Araya publicly bitch slap you. I wonder if FSG will now revolt and boycott Slayer. As of this writing, there are over a thousand members in the fan group, so, y’know, if they invent a time machine and go back to 1984, they could really hurt Haunting the Chapel‘s sales!


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