Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned, Unholy, and Un-American: Canada’s Pink Carnage

  • Axl Rosenberg

pink carnage -- oozing lungsEverything about Pink Carnage suggests that it should be awful: it’s a one-man deathgrind project, it has a cutesy name, it’s Canadian*, etc. But you should give it a shot, because it’s actually pretty damned good!

Take, for example, “Oozing Lungs,” the slightly newer of Pink Carnage’s two tracks: it sounds like an outtake from Converge’s Axe to Fall, only less-precise (if that album was a Tomahawk missile, “Oozing Lungs” is a carpeting of napalm), before morphing into something slower, more cinematic, but no less devastating, more in line with fellow Canadians Buried Inside, before morphing again into an all-out assault of (programmed) blastbeats. All the while, what sounds like a chorus of melting gremlins shrieks and howls, a choir from Hell. GOOD STUFF!!!

Check out “Oozing Lungs” below, along with Pink Carnage’s other face melter, “Pornographic Spiders.” Thank Christ someone FINALLY wrote a song for all us arachnephiliacs.

*Oh, pull the stick out of your ass, it’s just a joke.

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