Call Off the Race, We Have Found the Best Metal Video of 2015

  • Axl Rosenberg

holmes pirateChris Holmes, former guitarist for W.A.S.P. and former American, has released a new music video — and if you’ve seen any of this dude’s other videos, you know he’s pretty much already this century’s king of the format.

This new clip, though, for the song “Let it Roar,” may be his best yet — ’cause it was filmed on his new home continent, and thus has that certain sense of worldliness you can only get from watching a movie with subtitles.

Highlights of “Let it Roar” include:

  • Holmes lip synching while chewing food
  • Holmes enjoying ice cream
  • Holmes lounging on the couch
  • Holmes playing piano even though the song features no piano
  • Holmes feeding his dog (or, at least, a dog)
  • Holmes holding a feather
  • Holmes flipping the bird in various different ways
  • Holmes looking at a map
  • Holmes listening to a map
  • Holmes posing with his face through a cardboard cutout of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 
  • Holmes fishing and catching a very lifelike fish that I think may actually be fake
  • Holmes performing with a full light show but no band or audience
  • No rock-music-ruining black people
  • Shots of tunnels and roads
  • Shots of rocks
  • Shots of water

And, as a bonus, it features some of the best lyrics ever penned by a biped, including the phrase “decibel shower,” which, incidentally, I believe is the name of a new body wash product on which our favorite metal magazine is currently working.

Let “Let it Roar” roar below. Thanks to our buddy and (fellow Holmes scholar) Nick from White Widows Pact for bringing the video to our attention!

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