10 Essential Metal Albums to Get High To – Presented By G Pen: Dissection, Reinkaos


10 Essential Metal Albums to Get High To - Presented By G PenDissection - ReinkaosEveryone knows that metal and marijuana are two great tastes that go great together. That’s why we here at MetalSucks are stoked to be teaming up with G Pen to present “10 Essential Metal Albums to Get High To” — a list of ten metal albums that go great with weed (duhhhh)!

And as a bonus, if you use the password METALSUCKS at checkout on G Pen’s website, you’ll get a 20% discount!!! Who loves ya, baby?

We begin the countdown today with…

The Album:

Black Horizon

Why it’s Vape-o-riffic:

Unfortunately, the great minds at G Pen have yet to create the technology which will turn your herb into vapor the milisecond you activate the device; depending on your heat level of choice (mine is the hottest setting — 420°, natch), it’s gonna take a little bit of time before your G Pen is ready to service you. It’s convenient, then, that Dissection’s album Reinkaos offers ninety seconds of aural foreplay in the form of “Nexion 218,” which has to be one of the most sexual-organ-tickling intro tracks of our young century.

Of course, a great kick-off alone makes neither a fantastic album nor a satisfying bake sesh. What wins Reinkaos a spot on this list is that “Nexion 218” is followed by what is arguably one of the most infectious and fun Swedish blackened melodeath albums in existence.

Reinkaos is, at its heart, a feel-good party album, chock full of jams which are guaranteed to instigate headbanging and air guitaring en masse. (Unsurprisingly, it also goes great with visualizer programs.) By the conclusion of Reinkaos‘ first proper track, the pulsating, punishing “Beyond the Horizon,” you’ll be good n’ warmed up and ready to rock your ass off… and Reinkaos will oblige you. From the epic-beyond-all-epicness of “Starless Aeon” to the neck-break paced “Xepe-I-Set” to the rousing battle hymn that is album closer “Maha-Kali,” every song on Reinkaos is a winner.

The irony of Reinkaos’ conviviality should not be lost on any of us: Dissection mastermind Jon Nödtveidt was probably not a super-cool bruh (he served seven years in prison for murdering a homosexual man with help from one of his peers in the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, an occult temple), and he took his own life almost immediately after Reinkaos‘ release. Like a lot of massively talented people, Nödtveidt clearly had issues. Dude probably should have gotten high more often.

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