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Two New Metal Supergroups Worth Knowing About Involving Members of Metallica, Torche, Tool and Mastodon


Back at the lunch tables in the school cafeteria in 7th grade, Axl and I used to fantasize about that one hot girl’s ass supergroups involving our musical heroes: what’d happen if Slash and Eddie Van Halen played together in the same group? Who’d be on bass, and who on drums? The possibilities were endless.

Supergroups these days are now pretty common, and they feature members of bands from all across the metal spectrum, but two side projects to hit the news today feature some pretty big names that aren’t a far cry from something we might’ve dreamed up way back when.

First, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and Torche drummer Rick Smith are apparently teaming up on an as-of-yet unnamed new project that’s in the studio right now, with plans to mix the effort in May. Brent Eyestone of Magic Bullet Records posted the following on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, but the metal world snoozed on it until The PRP picked it up over the weekend:

Seems like it could be interesting, no? Crabwalk be damned, Trujillo has always struck me as being one of the more interesting members of Metallica, and he certainly has a long history of being involved with all sorts of bands.

PRP on the scene again: this morning they dropped a post saying that Tool drummer Danny Carey and Mastodon vocalist/guitarist Brent Hinds would both be involved in a project called Legend Of The Seagullmen, along with Dimitri Coats of OFF!/Burning Brides and a Jimmy Hayward, who may or may not be this guy. And not only that, but there’s two new songs available for streaming and free download, right now! Check ’em out at The music is appropriately weird given the cast of characters, and the website also has plenty of photos and assorted oddities.

Danny Carey and Brent Hinds

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