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Video: ANOTHER Ridiculously Cute Child Recites the ABCs Like a Heavy Metal Singer


2 year old girl metal abcsThis past August, we all enjoyed the sweet, sweet pain of cuteness overload when lil’ tyke Ethan Conrad’s parents uploaded a video of the young ‘un singing the ABCs in a style which suggests he may some day front a death metal band.

Well, get ready for more cuteness overload — ’cause now we have this video of an unnamed two-year-old girl also taking a very metal approach to the alphabet, although she seems to prefer a clean vocal approach. Maybe she and Ethan Conrad can join forces and she can do good cop vocals while Ethan does bad cop vocals? I know where they can find a DOPE drummer, too. Just a thought.

Anyway, get ready to involuntarily scream at some adorableness:

[via Buzzfeed… major thanks to Tommy Stinsonbaum for the tip!]

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