What if the Movie Whiplash Was About Lars Ulrich?

  • Axl Rosenberg

lars ulrich jk simmons whiplashWhiplash was far and away my favorite movie of 2014 (and I see a fuckton of movies, dudes). The flick, about a young jazz drummer (Miles Teller) and his abusive instructor (J.K. Simmons, the favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar this weekend), is a must-see for anyone with eyes, and a double must-see for any musician, even if jazz isn’t your genre of choice. The questions it asks — specifically, “What does it take to be one of the greats?” and “Are the necessary sacrifices even worth it?” — will resonate deeply with anyone in a creative field… actually, they’ll probably resonate deeply with anyone who has ever aspired to be the “top gun” in their profession, regardless of whether that profession is in the arts or not.

The movie takes its name from a jazz tune by Hank Levy, but upon hear the title, metal fans’ brains will no doubt go directly to the Metallica song. So it’s almost impossible to believe that nobody thought of this sooner: the Metal Injection dudes have made a video intercutting footage from the film with footage of Lars Ulrich and Metallica, so that it is now as if Simmons’ character were constantly screaming at Ulrich, not Miles Teller.

It’s fucking hilarious.


Whiplash is still playing in some theaters, and is also available via various VOD services. The Blu-ray comes out February 24.


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