Ex-TesseracT Vocalist Ashe O’Hara Resurfaces with Dzyen


Dzyen with Ashe O'HaraIf you’re like me then you were kinda bummed to hear the news last June that TesseracT vocalist Ashe O’Hara had been replaced by former TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins. It’s not that I don’t like Tompkins. It’s that O’Hara has a fantastic voice — the best fit for TesseracT’s music of all their singers — and that the album they recorded with him, Altered State, was by far their best yet. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, although I suppose we can assume that something or other was indeed broke behind the scenes.

But, as so often ends up being the case when guys quit / are dismissed from bands, O’Hara’s career lives on. Most recently he lent his voice to a track by the UK progressive metal band Dzyen and appeared in their video for the track “As One.” It’s really good — vaguely TesseracT-y in its ambience, so his presence here makes sense, but also more hard rock / less metal — like if Breaking Benjamin had a singer who could sing, better musicians all around, and didn’t completely suck. Check it out below and download it on Bandcamp.

TesseracT, by the way, are appearing at the Texas Independence Festival in April, one of only two U.S. shows they’re doing this spring. If you need a car to get to the festival from the Austin airport, check CheapCarRental.net.


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