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Trivia: Type O Negative’s “Out of the Fire” Was Written as Entrance Music for the WWE’s Kane

  • Axl Rosenberg

kane with type o negativeMaybe MetalSucks’ reside pro-wrestling expert, Eddie Gobbo from Jar’d Loose, knew this already… but it was news me!

Our friend Rob from Metal Injection is a major wrestling fan, and while poking around r/Squaredcircle, he discovered that the WWE once hired Type O Negative to pen entrance music for Kane:

“So they asked Type O to collaborate on a track for Kane and Type O did, but I guess WWE never used it. The track was eventually included as a bonus track on the band’s Life is Killing Me release. It’s really a shame, because the track, ‘Out of the Fire,’ sounds like the perfect entrance for Kane.”

I stopped paying attention to wrestling in the early 90s, but based on Kane’s costume, I’m inclined to agree with Rob. I wonder why “Out of the Fire” was ultimately deemed not-worthy of the WWE?

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