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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: March 17, 2015


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Hi MetalSucks reader! Welcome back to Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and everybody wins. And if we missed any legit new shit, we beg you to email us! Thanks! Now crank it up!


A Northern Meadow (Profound Lore)
On a playlist with: Amiensus, Barren Earth
Listen A Northern Meadow full stream (here)

If your current library of black metal is missing a space-out album, then add A Northern Meadow. Clean vocals and Devin Townsend-esque amounts of layers atop decisively blackened metalgaze. Tune in and tune out with this one.


reign of furyReign Of Fury
Death Be Thy Shepherd (Static Tension)
On a playlist with: Bludvera, Xentrix, Tormenter
Listen Death Be Thy Shepherd full stream (here)

Rule: the question is “why” and the answer is “just because!” Albums like Death Be Thy Shepherd show what’s carefree and fun about metal: laser riffs and simple drumming and high-pitched wailing… and every song pretty much sounds the same. But, it’s useful if you have a little playlist for driving music.


Blind…But Alive (Klonosphere)
On a playlist with: Arch Enemy and Soreption’s 7-year-old son
Listen “I Am Not” and “Scapegoat” (here)

Yeah, you should be following this band. Blind…But Alive is one of those gems which really bursts subgenres: there’s bits of nu-metal, deathcore, technical death metal, etc., all broken apart. But most importantly, it’s done with aplomb and groooove, which means despite all the complexity, you’ll find yourself bobbing your head and/or shaking a Shake Weight!


ghost bath - moonloverGhost Bath
Moonlover (Northern Silence)
On a playlist with: Deafheaven, An Autumn For Crippled Children
Listen Manlover full stream (here)
Read David Lee Rothmund MetalSucks review (here)

To those who tuned into my review of Moonlover, I say cheers! To those who didn’t, I say: It is a peach! If you’re waiting to survey the new wave of post-y black metal, now the time is ripe.


A Umbra Omega (Peaceville)
On a playlist with: Van Buens Ende, Aborym, Manes
Listen A Umbra Omega full stream (here)

A black metal album can be massive in scope. No question the same goes for A Umbra Omega, but then again maybe Dodheimsgard overreached a bit on this one. Some of the vocals are awkward and the mid-song genre shifts are incessant. But then again maybe the weirder ones of you will dig this!


Father MurphyFather Murphy
Croce (The Flenser)
On a playlist with: The Mars Volta, Blonde Redhead’s , the art teacher in Ghost World
Listen “So This Is Permanent” (here)

You’re already like, Who or what the fuck is Father Murphy. Well, it’s weird shit like this and this. And now you’re like: Whoa, who the fuck is Father Murphy?!



Bad_GuysAlkaloid The Malkuth Grimoire (Relapse) listen
The Answer Raise A Little Hell (Napalm) listen
Ashes Of Moon The Darkness Where The Past Lay Sleeping (Aural) listen
Attack Vertical The Great Waste (Tenacity) listen
» Bad Guys Bad Guynaecology (Riot Season) listen
Beautality Einfalen: A Tale Ov Torment & Triumph (Nordavind) listen
Bulldozing Bastard Under The Ram (High Roller) listen listen
Crimson Swan Unlit (Quality Steel) listen
macabre omenDarke Complex Widow EP (Spinefarm) listen
Dirty Fingers 250 Dollars (Illogic) listen
Drakkar Run With The Wolf (My Kingdom) listen
Dynfari Vegferð Tímans (Code 666) listen listen
Flummox Phlummoxygen (Tridroid) listen
Horizont Break The Limit (Rise Above) listen
Ideogram Life Mimics Theatre (Aural) listen
Norse Pest EPKatavasia Sacrilegious Testament (Floga) listen
» Macabre Omen Gods Of War: At War (Van) listen
Moonspell Extinct (Napalm) listen listen
Negative Self Negative Self (High Roller) listen
Nocturnus The Science of Horror demos (Nuclear War Now!) listen
» Norse Pest (Transcending Obscurity) listen
The Order Of Apollyon The Sword And The Dagger (Listenable) listen
the slow deathPurple Nail Embrace The Dark (Aural) listen
Ranger Where Evil Dwells (Spinefarm) listen listen
Rellik Spiraling Infinite Chaos (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen
Simbiose Economical Terrorism (Anticorpos) listen
Sleeping With Sirens Madness (Epitaph) listen
» The Slow Death Ark (Chaos) listen listen listen
The Weight Of Atlas Reflections EP (We Are Triumphant) listen


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