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Vince Neil Got His Facebook Account Jacked


neilhackWhen we last left Vince Neil, he was covering his own material and worrying about being chased by dark presences on TV. Sadly, his luck isn’t getting any better, as it now seems he’s lost control of his Facebook account.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Neil has had to file a lawsuit against one Kristy Sinsara, an Oregon woman who he used to employ to manage his social media. According to the Mötley Crüe  singer, she’s using his name in vain and promoting herself as an author on his Facebook. Meanwhile, Sinsara thinks Vince is getting pressured into this legal mess by his lady:

In a telephone interview Wednesday evening, Sinsara denied the allegations and said she suspects the lawsuit stems from her dispute with Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah.

“This is not a Vince thing,” Sinsara said. “This is a Rain Hannah thing.”

…Sinsara said she gave the Facebook password to Slaughter bassist Dana Strum, Neil’s tour manager, but refused to give it to Hannah out of concern for Neil.

See, this is where it gets kind of shady. Sinsara definitely seems like she’s dodging the point, and if she actually gave Neil’s tour manager the password, why is there a lawsuit being filed? This definitely doesn’t read like a big rock star bullying an innocent IT employee, but two crazy people going at it.

Then again, Vince Neil’s a massive rock star. He has the resources at his fingertips–why didn’t he just hire a hacker to wrest control away from this psycho? Everyone gets their account hacked at some point, and I doubt this woman is some black-ops web genius. The lawsuit seems frivolous, especially when backed up with statements like:

The document claims the unauthorized posts are causing Neil “irreparable damage.”

If killing someone in a car crash, repeated run-ins with the law, and the plastic surgery show haven’t destroyed this dude’s career yet, I doubt some book promotion on his Facebook page is that “irreparable.”


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