Best Worst Metal Video Ever of the Day: V’s “Paradise”

  • Axl Rosenberg

V Band PhotoI am legitimately baffled with regards to how bands like V and videos like “Paradise” come into existence. If everyone in the band was thirteen it’d be much more understandable, but they are all, as far as I can tell, grown adults. Still, all four of the band’s members (guitarist “Nikki Sinn,” bassist “The Rage,” vocalist “The Dark Siren,” and drummer “The Thunder”) got into a room, brainstormed, came up with this, and were like, “Yeah, this is a great idea!”

And even if somehow V seemed like a great idea on paper, that doesn’t change the fact that they all heard the music and saw and the video, too, and were still like, “FUCK yeah! Let’s share this with the entire world! People will definitely be into it!!!”

The level of denial it must take to go so far with something so very awful is staggering. We’re talking about a “Senator Ted Cruz really could win the presidency!” level of fantasy.

Thanks: David

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