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Hey, New Armored Saint!


Armored Saint - Win Hands DownMetal Insider offers the following on the freshly released Armored Saint song “Win Hands Down:”

If you were a fan of [the John Bush era of Anthrax] then this will be like slipping into a comfortably worn-in denim jacket.”

Yes! So much yes. We’ve long been Bush apologists here at the MS Mansion — nay, Bush celebrators (heyo!), since “apologists” would imply we acknowledge any kind of guilt — so it’s always good to hear the guy’s voice on record again. Who better to hear it with than ’80s heavy metal torch-bearers Armored Saint, who somehow, miraculously, have the guts and guile to continue cranking out solid tunes to this day? “Win Hands Down” is exactly the reason we return to Armored Saint time and time again: “classic” heavy metal tropes that somehow don’t feel dated as the driving force behind a song that’ll instantly become lodged between your ears.

Check out the new song and video for “Win Hands Down” below from the album of the same name. It comes out May 29th, June 1st or June 2nd, depending on where you live (heyyyyy unified international Friday release dates coming soon!). Pre-order here.

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