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Here’s a Photo of One of the Jenner Girls Wearing a Megadeth T-Shirt

  • Axl Rosenberg

Although I know it’s irresponsible of me, given their cultural significance, I do not keep up with the Kardashians. Consequently, I don’t know which Kardashian half-sister is Kendall Jenner and which one is Kylie Jenner (I just tried to figure it out via a Google image search, but the two young women look exactly the same to me), and therefore can’t tell you which one is rockin’ the Megadeth shirt in the below photo. I think it’s Kylie. Maybe.

Regardless, I would still bet good money that whichever one it is, she doesn’t know a whole lot about Megadeth. Although who knows? Maybe Bruce Jenner was constantly blasting Rust in Peace around the house when whichever Jenner Girl this is was a young ‘un. Stranger things have happened. Like everyone in the world becoming obsessed with the lives of teenage girls who haven’t accomplished a goddamn thing, for example.
Jenner Megadeth ShirtThanks: Luis V.

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