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Maruta and At the Gates’ Tomas Lindberg “Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth”


Maruta - Remain DystopianIf you ask me, “Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth” is the best song from Maruta’s Remain Dystopian to be released yet — which is really saying something, because the other two cuts to be put out thus far, “Stand in Defeat” and “Hope Smasher,” were both iller than a syphilitic asthmatic cancer patient with Ebola.

What puts “Stride” about “Stand” and “Smasher,” then? The guest spot from At the Gates’ Tomas Lindberg definitely adds some nice contrast to Mitch Luna’s vocals — it’s like they’re harmonizing their screams! — but, honestly, it’s the intensity of the music that ultimately makes the track land like an atom bomb. The song gets heavier and the guitars get slower as it progresses, while the drums never let up; the results conjure images of some poor dude made to run the world’s most vicious gauntlet… then cutting a tendon and trying to crawl to the finish line… then slowly realizing he’s fucked and is going to die.

Or, come to think of it, like someone is striding endlessly through scorched earth. Hm.

Check out “Stride Endlessly Through Scorched Earth” below, courtesy of RevolverRemain Dystopian comes out June 2 on Relapse. Pre-order it here (digital) or here (physical)!

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