Volbeat and Anthrax Forced To Cancel Show For Fear Of Literally Bringing House Down


samsonmetalLoudwire reports that Volbeat and Anthrax had to cancel their Calgary tour date because the venue’s infrastructure couldn’t withstand their sonic assault.

Here’s the statement issued on Volbeat’s Facebook page:

“Today it was determined by the building engineer that the building infrastructure was not adequate to support the requirements of the show. In order to ensure the safety of the fans and band, it was decided by the building not to proceed with the show in this building at this time. Volbeat are disappointed that the show can not go on as scheduled and expect to return at a future date.”

Obviously, this is a bummer for Volbeat, Anthrax, and Crobot, and for all their Calgary fans. That said, there is no more metal reason to cancel a show than because the building you’re scheduled to play in just can’t take the raw power of your music. I bet Manowar dream of having a show canceled for just that reason.

Volbeat will be issuing refunds as of this morning.


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