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Chelsea Grin’s Members Aren’t As Dumb As Their Music



When we read that guitarist Dan Jones was leaving Chelsea Grin on Loudwire today, we prayed it was due to inter-band drama or bigoted comments he made and that he would cause the band to fall apart and disassemble, because let’s face it, we ain’t fans. But it appears Jones is only taking a leave of absence, and it’s actually to do something… pretty cool.

Jones recently posted the following tweets:

Again, kind of a cool thing to be doing. Most band members take leaves of absence to wrestle with alcoholism or help an ailing family member. Meanwhile, Jones is published and is taking time off to study mercury methylation, of all things. It does raise the question of how Chelsea Grin make the music they make when they have a genius among them.

However, Jones goes on:

There’s a downside to everything.

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