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Metallica’s “Battery” Gets the Banjo Treatment


rob scallon banjo bluegrass batteryRob Scallon (he of the many metal covers on non-metal instruments) has declared this month to be Maytallica, and as such has followed up last week’s backwards Enter Sandman with this hillbilly rendition of Battery on the banjo, his preferred mode of metal sillification.

This is another in a string of metal/bluegrass mashups, such as this one by Steve’n’Seagulls (also a Metallica cover) that seem to work because of both the contrasting differences and striking similarities between bluegrass and metal. They contrast in their choice of acoustic instruments over electric ones, but are of one mind in the speed department, as well as drinking until blind and washing only periodically.

Check out Rob’s YouTube channel for more fun mashups, as well as some really cool original music.

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