“Right Wing of the Garden Triptych”: Cradle of Filth Bounce Around, Boobs Do Not


Cradle of Filth - Hammer of the Witches

Cradle of Filth have released a video for “Right Wing of the Garden Triptych” off their upcoming album Hammer of the Witches. Check it out below.

It’s easy to rip on Cradle of Filth for all the obvious reasons, and this video has them in spades. The track sounds like a lot of Cradle’s other material, there’s lots of edgy erotica in the form of a topless woman being bound and suspended, and Dani Filth’s Carach Angren rip-off make-up is super present here.

That said, I’m digging this video. The title is most likely not some kind of Satanic political statement but a Bosch reference. More so, the video has a lot of footage of the band in action, enthusiastically playing along (shots of drummer Marthus are especially good). And while it’s sometimes a little silly to see Dani Filth bouncing around on his tippy-toes, I appreciate that the band forsakes the flowery gothic bullshit for something more straight-up metal. If the Atlas Moth made this video, people would call it a triumph.

Hammer of the Witches is expected July 10 from Nuclear Blast.

[via Metal Underground]

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