Video: Behemoth See How Their Beer Is Made



As a kid, I watched so many fucking ‘How It’s Made!’ videos, where you get taken to the factory to find out how, I don’t know, cheese or crayons are made. How much footage of automated racks can one young mind take?

But Behemoth have just posted the following video to their Facebook, which shows them visiting the Perun brewery to taste and witness the making of their upcoming beer, Sacrum, and it’s pretty entertaining for two minutes of a brewery tour. Between the subtitles (“You drink one, and you ponder…”) and the fun that the band seems to be having (because they’re at a fucking brewery), you can’t help but crack a smile watching it. Check it out below.

Sacrum is available now in Europe. We’ll see if and when it gets to the US.

BEHEMOTH! vs. Browar PERUN! Belgian IPA at its best! Check out this documentary from Behemoth's visit in Perun headquarters! Enjoy!

Posted by BEHEMOTH! on Friday, May 15, 2015

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