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Stream Seven Early Intronaut Demos


intronaut-demosOver the course of 10 years, two EPs and four albums, Intronaut have evolved into one of the most consistent, loved and best bands in metal. It’s been a slow build, but isn’t that always how the true greats are made? It’s never overnight.

A new seven-song collection provides a glimpse into the band’s earliest days. The appropriately titled Old/Unreleased Demos, etc (if that’s even an official title — that’s just what it’s called on Bandcamp) showcases what the band was up to between their very beginnings as a two-piece in 2003 and the writing sessions for what would become the Null EP in 2005. As is so often the case with these kinds of releases, it’s fascinating to hear what the band sounded like in their earliest form; which sonic elements the band was still experimenting with and honing in on, and which touchstones of the eventual “Intronaut sound” were present from the get-go.

Stream the first track from the collection below, and buy the whole thing on Bandcamp for just one dollar (or more, if you choose).

[via The PRP]

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