Metallica Perform “Unforgiven II” Live for Second, Hopefully Last Time


Metallica UnforgivenWhich of Metallica’s three “Unforgiven”s (to date, at least) is your favorite? Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, of course, but the correct answer is “the original,” which is the only one of the three that’s legit good. With a 7:47 running time, “Unforgiven III” is at least 5:47 too long, but I still generally prefer it to “Unforgiven II,” the same way I generally prefer Death Magnetic to Load (although I’d be fine with neither one existing).

I mention it because Metallica performed “Unforgiven II” live for only the second time in history during a recent show in in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, which I assume was their the band’s own personal way of taking vengeance for World War II.

The first time the band performed the song live, in case you’re curious, was for the 1997 Billboard Awards. If the band don’t retire the song now (oh please Christ let them retire the song now), maybe they can at least stick to a “once every eighteen years” schedule, so these disasters are only intermittent.

Now that we’ve all suffered through that, I ask you, dear readers: which sequel to “The Unforgiven” is the least, y’know, forgivable? Vote for you most favorite least favorite below! I am sincerely curious to see which song wins…

[via The PRP]

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