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The Dillinger Escape Plan News Round-Up: Band Plans to Retire Some Songs, Greg Puciato Gets Jodeci/Metallica Mash-Up Tattoo


jodeci - forever my puciatoTwo unrelated, but both interesting, pieces of DEP news today. First…

Ben Weinman dropped this little bomb on Instagram yesterday:

Which is certainly intriguing! I wonder which record he’s referring to? My first thought is the Irony is a Dead Scene EP the band made with Mike Patton before Greg Puciato joined, because a) Puciato, who most fans consider to be the band’s definitive vocalist, isn’t on it, and b) they can’t really retire else anything from their pre-Puciato days because fans will get pissy if they suddenly stop playing the Dimitri Minakakis era. But I’m totally pulling that out of my ass. I would actually be kinda sad if they retired to Irony tracks —  “When Good Dogs Do Bad Things” just kills me live every time.


When we interviewed Puciato back in ’07 (when MetalSucks wasn’t even a year old yet!), we had this little conversation about Metallica’s …And Justice for All:

“82588” is obviously the release date for Metallica’s …And Justice for All. Do the lyrics song in any way to …And Justice for All?

Not at all.

Thematically? No way at all?

Well what I try to do with song titles – and this probably won’t make sense to a lot of people – I try to name songs like not what they have to do with lyrically, but more what they feel like, you know what I mean? Like if you look at the song, and it makes me feel a certain way, I’ll try to find [a title] that goes along with that, just vibe-wise. When you’re listening to the song and you look at the title, I want the title to feel like the song, not necessarily having anything to do with the lyrics. And, to me, “82588” was very anti-septic sounding, it was the song that was the most like Calculating as far as it’s really atonal, there’s not much melody, even the riffs aren’t melodic riffs, they’re more like stabs, like (makes stabbing riff noises). They’re real cold, and to me, one of the things about …And Justice for All is that is was very cold and anti-septic and brutal.

It also happens to be my favorite record of all time (laughs), so it was like an easy way to put in a little homage to something that I feel like, if I’d never heard it, I would never even be playing music. That was the record that bridged me from Guns N’ Roses and stuff like that to, like, death and crazy stuff like that.

The love Puciato (and, presumably, the rest of the band) has for that album manifested itself again less than a year later, when DEP released a limited edition Justice-style shirt for that record’s twentieth anniversary:

And although I don’t remember hearing about this when the revelation was first made in 2013, it turns out that another album Puciato holds in very high regard is Forever My Lady, the 1991 debut by R&B group Jodeci. Which I totally get, because that album is like a billion times heavier than Load. (Also, I’ve heard that Jake Bannon LOVES Color Me Badd, so…)

Puciato has now amalgamated these two beloved records into a sweet, and most certainly singular, new tattoo:

How long ’til DEP cover “Come & Talk to Me”? More importantly: how many times do you think Puciato has used Forever My Lady as the soundtrack for love making?

[via The PRP and The PRP]

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