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We’re Getting A New Motörhead Record In August


I’m a huge Motörhead fan, and I’m all for the band doing things like releasing masks and hosting kickass cruises. Whatever keeps Lemmy in good health and spirits. But one thing I dig about the band is their dedication to constantly putting out new music. So, since it’s been two years since their last album, Aftershock, I gotta ask: where’s my new Motörhead?

And as of today, I can shut my fucking mouth, because it’s been announced that Motörhead’s 22nd studio album (twenty-two fucking albums!) will arrive this August! The record’s called Bad Magic (YES), and has a cover that really touches on Lemmy’s love of Nazi paraphernalia:


Daaaamn! The crossed swords, the lightning bolt– that’s some real Thule Society shit right there. Obviously, Lemmy’s not a Nazi, he just loves that evil shit. Just saying.

Check out the tracklisting below, which includes a cover of the Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” (FUCK YEAH). In the meantime, don the leather, pour the whiskey, and get ready to dance your ass off, motherfuckers. GIMME MOTÖRHEAD!

01. Victory Or Die
02. Thunder & Lightning
03. Fire Storm Hotel
04. Shoot Out All Of Your Lights
05. The Devil
06. Electricity
07. Evil Eye
08. Teach Them How To Bleed
09. Till The End
10. Tell Me Who To Kill
11. Choking On Your Screams
12. When The Sky Comes Looking For You
13. Sympathy For The Devil (THE ROLLING STONES cover)

[via Blabbermouth]

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