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Listen to the New Motörhead Song “Thunder & Lightning” Right Now!


Motorhead - Bad MagicLet’s pause for a moment to appreciate the fact that Bad Magic will be Motorhead’s 22nd album. Motorhead have written TWENTY TWO FUCKING ALBUMS. I can’t even name twenty two meals I’ve had in the past month or twenty two of anything I’ve done ever, let alone imagine writing, recording, releasing and touring on twenty two goddamn albums. Lemmy is like the freaking Cal Ripken of metal… he never misses a beat.

And so, just a few days after Emperor Rhombus got us hyped on Bad Magic we get to hear its first single, “Thunder & Lightning” via Spotify.

Look, it’s a Motorhead song: you know exactly what you’re getting! And the riffs and hook do not disappoint. If I’m being honest Lemmy sounds a bit winded vocally, but given his recent health issues let’s all just be glad he’s still kicking and able to do this at all… let alone write and record a twenty second fucking album.

Bad Magic comes out on August 28th. More info here.

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