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Well, Steve Tucker Sure Does Seem to Think He’s Back in Morbid Angel

  • Axl Rosenberg

morbid angel confusionWhat in the sweet mother of mercy fuck is going on in the Morbid Angel camp right now?

To review this week’s events: first, Trey Azagthoth took to Facebook to say that “Steve Tucker and I are working together again for Morbid Angel;” then Tim Yeung announced he was leaving the band as the result of a financial dispute; then David Vincent released a statement in which he asserted that “I have not left Morbid Angel nor have I been asked to do so;” and now this:

So this whole situation has now become weirder than Tucker’s employment designation on Facebook.warfather at musicianQuestions which are now plaguing me as a result of this nonsense:

  1. Why hasn’t Azagthoth/Morbid Angel made some of kind of official announcement putting the dispute to bed by definitively saying, “Hey, [whichever guy actually has the job] has the job!”
  2. Is it possible Azagthoth didn’t tell Vincent he was out?
  3. Is it possible Azagthoth told Vincent he was out and Vincent’s strategy to combat his firing is just to pretend it never happened?
  4. Why can’t a death metal band have two frontmen? I agree that having two bassists seems like overkill, but that’s not specific to death metal. But I sincerely see no reason why they can’t turns screaming like monsters into a microphone. There’s more than enough monster screaming to go around. Just ask Carcass. Or Dying Fetus. Or Exhumed.
  5. Is there any way this ends with there being two versions of Morbid Angel? Is it wrong that I’m kinda hoping there is, if only for the sake of comedy?

There ya go, Steve. Your next list of questions to answer on Facebook.


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